New packaging solutions and opportunities

We can support your business with our specialist packaging for food, beverage and personal and home care products. Wherever we are, we adapt and deliver packaging that meets local demands.


We offer a full line of single and double-wall cups for hot and cold beverages, cup carriers, lids, accessories and short run prints of customized paper cups.


Our food-to-go packaging range includes trays, containers, clamshells, scoops, bowls, wraps and various accessories for take-away and dining.

Retail and catering

Explore our comprehensive range for retail businesses, event catering and vending facilities. Our own brand Chinet® is one of the most recognized premium disposable tableware brands.

Packaging for eggs, fruit and wine

Using recovered fiber as the main material, we produce packaging for the transport and retail of eggs, fresh fruit and wine bottles.

Beverage packaging

Explore our multilayer films, wrappers, labels, pouches and different reclose and print options for coffee, tea, juice, energy drink or alcoholic beverage packaging.

Packaged food

We customize packaging to fit your brand, product and process, whether you produce ice cream, soups, biscuits, confectionary, dry foods or other retail foods.

Pet food

Our range for ready-to-eat pet foods includes retortable, high barrier laminates, easy-open and reclosable bags and pouches, both in aluminium foil and non-foil transparent structures.

Personal and home care

We make high-quality packaging and labels for personal and home care products, toothpaste and other tubes, as well as for pharmaceutical products.

Blueloop circular flexible packaging

Our offering

Huhtamaki blueloop is a collaborative platform for making flexible packaging recyclable, circular and sustainable.

Our offering

Fresh ready meal packaging

Our offering

Huhtamaki Fresh is the natural alternative to black plastic ready meal trays. The disposable food tray for ready-to-eat meals is both oven proof and microwavable. It is fiber-based, recyclable and certified for home composting.

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Our offering

Our Chinet® brand is one of the most recognized disposable tableware brands in America. It ranges from the Chinet Classic White molded fiber plates and bowls, made from 100% pre-consumer recycled materials, to our elegant Chinet Cut Crystal plates and cups. 

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